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What is mastering?

Mastering is the last creative process in the music production chain. It is an important and sometimes misunderstood craft.
Mastering can add clarity, punch and body to your tracks, essentially adding the final sparkle to your mix. 
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Who is Digital Angel Mastering?

Julian Lines is the Owner and Mastering Engineer at Digital Angel Mastering.
Julian has been involved in audio mastering and post production industry for the last 25 years...Read more about Julian on the Engineer page

Upload Your Tracks:

Send me your tracks via any online file sharing service you chose such as 
And send them to:

Mastering Sample:

If you haven't used us before and you would like a mastering sample - send in one of your tracks via the Upload link (icon above), and I'll be more than happy to master it and send you a free sample. Please mark it as 'Sample required' in the subject line or the message box, along with any other comments.

Clients Comments:

On the Testimonials page you can read the latest clients comments - " Gosh, we're in the realm of not quite having enough words to describe something here! - They all sound blooming lovely. I'm absolutely delighted "

" I've had other samples done before and after yours, and yours is still the best, you have a great musical ear"... "Thanks so much for the outstanding mastering job on all the tracks "

How it works:

You send in your tracks, either separately or as a single zip file. I will send you a Paypal invoice (you don't need a Paypal account), and on receipt of payment your tracks will be mastered and sent back to you. See the F.A.Q's page regarding formats etc.