Testimonials / Clients Comments:


Gosh, we're in the realm of not quite having enough words to describe something here! - They all sound blooming lovely. I'm absolutely delighted. - (Layer)
Mark Gamon - Songwriter / Folk Musician

I've had other samples done before and after yours, and yours is still the best, you have a great musical ear... Thanks so much for the outstanding mastering job on all the tracks. - (Last Day On Earth)
Robert Nix - Rock and Pop Artist

Great job on the tracks. The overall sound was improved massively and we're now really looking forward to putting the album out. We have had excellent service from Jools  - Very helpful and informative. Thanks a lot.
Chris Nugent White Pigeon

Thanks so much for getting them to sound clearer and just well...better! Great in fact!... So glad I found you.    
Chris Moore - Songwriter / Musician

Throughout the mastering process Jools was fully committed to ensuring that the finished product was the best we could possibly make it.
From what was a challenging raw album mix, Jools managed to turn it into a cohesive body of work that I'm very proud of and one which could not have been completed to such a high standard without his obvious musical ear and sound engineering knowledge. I will have no hesitation using Jools for future mastering projects
Oliver Wheeldon - Songwriter / Folk Musician

I honestly can't thank you enough Jools - Your patience, lightening fast turnaround and results are second to none! Truly grateful!
Dolo Jones - DJ / Producer

Yup, had another listen. I love it! Sounds fantastic. Thanks again for all the mastering work you've done. - (One For Words)
Matt Lowe - Keston Cobblers' Club

That sounds amazing! - Nice work.
Todd RiffelSlowfade

Really pleased with your work on the tracks, you added a real clarity to the mixes - Thanks again!
Pete Duddles - Future Weathers

I remain somewhat in awe of what you do. And can't thank you enough for your patience...There will be more as long as I'm still standing! - (Deck)
Mark Gamon - Songwriter / Folk Musician

Jools, you utter legend! Done it again, thanks so much! Very much appreciated.  
Alex Dempsey - Dolo Jones

Another top job thanks buddy, I will have some more to send over shortly.
Superb quality, thanks once again.  

Phil Maher - Deep South City Records

Really impressed with your work! Huge improvement on what we had...
...really happy with how the EP has turned out. Thanks for working with us! 
James SterrySpitehouse

Thanks very much! It's much louder and punchy'er - I like it!
DJ Jay Stone 

Thank you for such an excellent job mastering the whole album last month. I really liked the subtle changes you made that bought the songs and instruments to life. 
We would definitely like to grab you again when we do another album or EP.

Martin Kaszak - Songwriter / Folk Musician

Thanks so much for the master, absolute gold as usual, crispy highs and warmed up the bass a treat, loving it! You're an artist mate!
Dolo Jones  - DJ / Producer

Thanks for such a quick reply! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the mastered tracks. You are Awesome! Thanks for your help, your creative input and as always you deliver!
June Kato - Songwriter / Musician

Wow, you really did an amazin job, I will definitely send you more tracks for mastering.
Razzaqnewcali - Hip Hop / Rap Artist

Thanks once again for another outstanding mastering job Jools.
Your quality work and customer service is A1!
- (Once In A Blue Moon)
Robert Nix - Rock and Pop Artist

Cheers Jools, Just got back and had a listen on a few different speakers - there's loads of life there, sounds great. Thanks for a great job as per usual!
Jason EvansThe Ghost Tours

Very pleased with the overall sound. The songs work together better than I ever thought they would. Gus and I are really happy with the mastered tracks -
Thanks again.
Nat Wallace - Gus and Nat

They sound brilliant! - Really happy with the final result. - (A Scene of Plenty)
Matt Lowe - Keston Cobblers' Club

Thanks so much for the job you did Jools. I've had a listen through a few different speakers and they sound great, really made them belong together as a set of tunes.
Pete Duddles - Future Weathers

So clean and dynamic! I absolutely love getting my masters back from you, it gets me really excited again about tracks that I've heard so much of!
Thanks a bunch!

Dolo Jones - DJ / Producer

Mate. You have done a cracking job on the track, everytime you give me a master I take 3 to 4 days observing it -  Lovely master.  Thanks once again.  
Abu Ahsan - Sli-Sir

Thanks Jools, had a listen, they all sound great. Very alive and kept the raw quality I love too. Thanks mate fantastic work as always. Be in touch soon.  
JasonThe Gods of Small Things

I think you did a great job on the sample and we are really happy to work with you.  
Michael RhodesDiaboliss

I Thank you very much for your work, I'm really pleased with the result!
I'll definitely use you again in the future. Many thanks.  

Rob De Saulles D&B Artist

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am very pleased with what you did to the song. Thank you so much.
Jeffery Readon Songwriter